Dianne has been frequent speaker for Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable and is a true professional.  Her enthusiasm is always a highlight and she is often described in evaluations as an impressive presenter!

Tina D.

Executive Director

Dianne is a gentle source of energy, passion and inspiration.  Her vision of helping others through teaching them how to use their sense of love and gratitude to improve their lives and lives of those around them will add light and life to the world in ever-widening circles.  In her seminars, she has the gift of making her attendees feel as though they are the only person in room.  Her teaching is effective and powerful, leading her ‘students’ to higher states of consciousness and much improved lives.

Andrew H.

Creative Director

I got the most value out of Dianne’s presentation mostly because the information was easily digestible! I’ve heard – and presented – my fair share of workshops and there are a lot of “good” presenters but only a handful of great ones.

Joshua A.

Development Director


People, thoughts and things are energy. Like energy attracts like energy.

The Law of Attractions is always in operation and it brings to you the conditions and experiences of your predominant mental attitude and what you desire AND expect. Your thoughts mixed with emotions constitute a magnetic force which attracts other similar or related thoughts. The way you feel is your point of attraction.

The Law of Attraction is rooted in ideas that come from various philosophical and religious traditions. The knowledge of this law can be traced to ancient times and is even referenced in the Bible.  This law, like gravity, is working in your life whether you believe in a God or in a metaphysical source in the Universe.

Feeling appreciation and gratitude for the people and things around you generates a positive vibration within you. As you focus on the good in you and in this world, you elevate your thoughts and feelings and become a channel for more good to come to you. If your desires are harmonious, meaning you wish no harm to others, then all you need to do is ask and you shall receive.

People have shared with me that they believe in the Law of Attraction; they try and practice gratitude and master their thoughts and feelings but they struggle when they are encouraged to ask, believe and receive whatever it is they desire.  Do you find it hard as well?

You aren’t really sure what it is that you truly desire,

You don’t see how your desire could possibly manifest for you, and/or

You don’t feel worthy of receiving what you really want.

You may be someone who has tried to practice appreciation and constructive thinking, focusing on what you want however deep down you may be feeling guilty about something. Maybe something you did or didn’t do twenty years ago…or twenty hours ago. Guilt is a powerful emotion that will stop us in our tracks from moving forward in our lives if we don’t recognize it, comes to terms with the issue and forgive ourselves and others.  Imagination can sometimes be discouraged in certain families and some people may think they can only have what is in their environment around them.  Some people have difficulty with not knowing HOW to bring about what they desire – they may have never been taught or believed that they are a co-creator in their lives and that they don’t have to have the details of their desire figured out on their own.


Can you practice, master and attract what you want in your life?  Yes, you, can! Just like I did, you can discover what you would really like to have or be or what is blocking you from achieving your dreams.



Show gratitude and appreciation for what is going well in your life and you will become the loved, healthy and wealthy person you want to be.


Become attuned to your personal vibration and gain mastery of your thoughts and feelings.


Ask for what you want.  Believe it will come to you and you will attract all that you desire in life.


Hi!  I look forward to meeting you at my workshop.  I wanted the registration process to be easy.  Fill out the short form to RSVP.  When you arrive, we’ll collect your fee at the door.  You may pay by cash or credit card.  We’ll check you in, provide you with your workbook and you and I will start your Law of Attraction journey together!

With Love and gratitude,

~ Dianne Loraine


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