I stumbled through my 20’s and 30’s like a lot of people do.  I finished high school and attempted college but it was so boring to me and I couldn’t hear what was going on anyways. I’ve worn hearing aids for over forty years. A high fever is the suspected culprit of my disability. I never hesitated to put on my ‘bionic ears’ as a small child and I must admit that I love being able to shut the world out when I do not want to listen to it.

This planet is a very noisy place and it is quite nice to be able to go ‘click’ and enjoy the peaceful silence (my parents used to get so mad at me when they would try to scold me and they would see me slowly reach behind my ears….) I got my first pair of digital hearing aids in 2000 and for the first time in my life, I was able to finally hear well in conversations and on the job.  I was 28 years old. My first paycheck came at 14 cleaning motel rooms and I have ‘worked’ ever since. From financial planning and insurance companies, to the Catholic diocese of Colorado Springs, to a non-profit helping homeless families, I’ve been able to thrive in an office environment despite my handicap.

I’ve never thought of myself as anything other than ‘normal’ and I’m convinced that is why I have been able to succeed. I’ve worked hard to correct my lisp and voice quality to the point that only the auditorially shrewd pick up on the fact that I have a slight speech impediment. It’s not that easy pronouncing words you really don’t hear but I’ve been able to do it. Most of what I know I have taught myself because I love to read and learn. I sure didn’t get much knowledge in school.

It is because I am a voracious reader that I came across the principles of the Law of Attraction almost ten years ago. I knew that the principles were ‘true’ because I could look back on my life and see when the Universe/God had conspired on my behalf when I was very clear about what I wanted.  I practiced the concepts diligently until one day I realized that I had attracted the health, wealth and love I desired.

It has taken me more than four decades to understand my purpose and now I stand in awe and confidence in my ability to help others understand how they can be, “…what they will to be.”

“When you are clear about what you want, the Universe/God will conspire on your behalf.”  ~ Dianne Loraine