“If you believe, you will receive…” (Matthew 21:22, NIV) 

I had the privilege of visiting Joel Osteen back in 2007 in his church located in Houston. At the same time, I started learning about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and I was struck by how masterful Joel weaves in the LOA conversation into his sermons without ever mentioning LOA (wink).  Like the scripture here, he brilliantly shows how our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings co-create our lives and our future.  In the last ten years as I have been studying and using LOA, I have also been studying the Bible and seeing the common thread of believing in an omnipresent source.  I have watched my happy friends and family – some religious, some spiritual – and there is always a recurring theme…they ask for what they want, they believe it will come (they know they are worthy) and they receive the blessings.

Know there is a source (the name you give it speaks to you personally such as Universe, Spirit, God) that will work out the details of what you want. If you aren’t real sure what it is that you desire or how it could manifest, ask for your steps to be directed.  If you stay in faith, you will be amazed at what will transpire and how your source conspired on your behalf!  I have really enjoyed receiving Joel’s daily message and you can sign up, too, if you like: https://www.joelosteen.com/Pages/TodaysWord.aspx